— because truth has consequences —

Brian Kuehmichel
March 6, 2012

Eternity's largest battle is not between good and evil, but between truth and lies!

Lie #7: Americans are greedy and self-centered.

Not according to this article by William J. Bennett found at: The U.S. is a very generous nation.

Certainly some of us are greedy, self-centered, selfish and egotistical. But that is not every American. Generally people who are free will use their creativity, interest in exploring new methods, innovative ideas and resourcefulness to increase their accumulation of wealth from which they also increase the amount of their generosity. So why make such a broad sweeping unfounded claim? Perhaps the ideology of the speaker is socialist-communist and he deprecates personal property ownership and deriving the fruit of your own labor. Perhaps the ideology of the speaker is you-owe-it-to-me and simply wants everyone else's goods handed to them. Perhaps they simply have no real knowledge of the amazing and outstanding generosity of the Americans, most of whom who believe in a creator. Here are some sources of facts:

American generosity, 1 of 3 reasons

American generosity, 2 of 3 reasons

American generosity, 3 of 3 reasons

American generosity - absolute versus relative charitable giving

American generosity

These are consistent with the Biblical principles about helping your neighbor and those in need — simply being kind and merciful to others. Some examples are below:

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