— because truth has consequences —

Brian Kuehmichel
March 6, 2012

Eternity's largest battle is not between good and evil, but between truth and lies!

Lie #2: People are inherently good.

The testimony of newspapers around the world verify that men, women and children are corrupt, very corrupt. And they verify that debauchery knows no boundaries in religious credence, familial or social culture, national boundary or ancestry. Prisons verify this, programs for wayward youths validate this, and the riots and looting in USA, Egypt, Lybia, Greece, England, and other places following some natural catastrophe or political event prove this beyond doubt. Neither are children taught mischief and disobedience, it freely comes out of them, it is inherent in them and every parent knows this. If people are inherently good, why is evil so common and so expected that some ask "What do you expect of teenagers?

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