Fulfilled Prophecies and Revelation

Brian Kuehmichel
July 28, 2003, Updated Dec. 2011

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"Predictive prophecy is the highest evidence of divine revelation. The one thing that mortal man cannot do is to know and report future events in the absence of a train of circumstances that naturally suggest certain possibilities..." Rex A. Turner Sr.

Evidence for God — Prophecy and Revelation

V.  Evidence of God through Fulfilled Prophecies and Revelation

A. The powerful evidence of God communicating with man as revealed by human writers and recorded in the Old Testament scriptures.

1. Creation account matches known scientific knowledge

2. Evidence for Genesis as literal

B. The foreknowledge of the Genesis flood and how to survive it with adequate provisions.

1. Genesis flood and vessel details examined with several full-sized replications

2. More than 270 known flood stories from diverse cultures

3. Numerous scientific principles (See: Scientific Foreknowledge)

C. The documentation is well-established in the scriptures and their integrity is validated through archaeological evidence and other fulfilled prophecies.

1. Early recording of events by scriptures

2. Language used verified by excavations

3. Details unable to be forged by those in later centuries verified by archaeology (See: Archaeology and the Bible)

4. The remarkable preservation of the text

D. Specificity of Old Testament prophecies

1. About specific people

a. such as decendents of Abraham (Genesis 22:17-18 ), Isaac (Genesis 17:19-21) and Jacob (Gen 28:12-15) becoming a prolific people, or Persian King Cyrus (Isaiah 41:21-23; 48:3-5) or Jesus Christ born at Bethlehem (Micah 5:2)

b. such as Jacob about his sons [www.learnthebible.org/sunday-school-outlines/the-prophecy-of-jacob.html]

c. against specific people such as the Destruction of Phoenician city of Tyre (Ezekiel 26ch), Alexander the Great (Daniel 7:6; 8:5-8; 11:2-4)

2. Astronomical odds to fulfill Messianic prophecies in one person

3. Messianic prophecies fulfilled (See more than 100: Messianic prophecies)

4. Inability to fulfill prophecies by man's intention

5. Prophecies are very specific and detailed removing doubt about fulfillment

E. Many detailed historical events with prophecies fulfilled hundreds of years later

1. Against nations and cities [www.judeministries.org/prophecy/lesson1.pdf]

a. such as those about Babylon [www.duke.edu/~jfk2/truth4.html thru www.duke.edu/~jfk2/truth12.html]

b. or Tyre [www.equip.org/free/DA151.htm and www.clemson.edu/spurgeon/books/apology/Chapter8.html]

2. Against Israel as a nation (Israel covenant [Deut. 29:1-29] [30:1-10])

F. The New Testament Scriptures

1. See: Subtitle XV. Documents forming the New Testament link

a. The remarkable preservation of the text

b. Several hundred manuscripts dating back to the 9th and 10th century AD and the Dead Sea Scrolls of the first century BC contain little variation as to facts, people, names, places, dates, and teachings of the Old Testament.

G. Other contemporary writers and their works bear out the authenticity of the Bible.

1. Among them are the histories of Thucydides and Herodotus in the 5th century BC. [See: IX. Voluminous information about Jesus Christ]

2. Josephus also writes accounts of many events paralleling those of the Bible.

3. Roman writers include: Tacitus, Suetonius, Pliny the younger, Epictetus, Lucian, Aristides, Galenus, Lampridius, DioCassius, Hinnerius, Libanius, Ammianus, Marcellinus, Eunapius, Zosimus (Search by writer here: classics.mit.edu/Search/)

4. And numerous Jewish writers.


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