Some of these testimonies reveal that as Christians they were to ignore their own preferences, to have nothing of their own, everything was to be given up. They could not eat or sleep or drink or do anything as they chose. They asked what the Lord would have them do about everything - and each yeilded their own will. Their thoughts, their choices, their possessions, their comforts and sometimes even their Bibles were surrendered to the Lord. And out of this a depth of sweet rich fellowship with God was revealed that makes all else fade in its surpassing loveliness.


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Acts and Monuments - (FOX's BOOK of MARTYRS) by John Foxe |
Full title: Actes and Monuments of these Latter and Perillous Days, Touching Matters of the Church

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Sam Sarvis, PhD - Preacher and pilot | Preacher, Pilot, WWII Vet Sam Sarvis Passes Away

WWII - Europe

Corrie Ten Boom - The Greatest of These is Love | and short testimony video on Corrie Ten-Boom: The secret Room (Full Length)

Diet Eman - Things We Couldn't Say | and short testimony video on Diet Eman

Anita Dittman - Trapped in Hitler's Hell | and short testimony video on Trapped In Hitler's Hell / uncut

Jewish people who came to believe through WWII - Europe

Ernest and Elly Cassutto |

This amazing and riveting true story interweaves the journeys of Ernest and Elisabeth from the horror of the Holocaust to salvation in Jesus the Messiah in the book " The Last Jew of Rotterdam".

WWII - Asia

Darlene Deibler Rose - Evidence Not Seen | and Recorded testimony Darlene Rose

Jacob DeShaze - born in a prisoner of war camp, WWII Soldier's Life a Testimony to Forgiveness | and Recorded testimony WWII Soldier's Life a Testimony to Forgiveness -