Brian Kuehmichel

  1. Make Jesus Christ Lord in your life.
  2. Commit to reading your Bible daily.
  3. Guard your mouth (including internet chatting, posting, email and texting).
  4. Restrain your actions (including among your friends).
  5. Make long term choices (for folly today, you will later pay).
  6. Admit when you have done wrong or made a mistake, then make it right again.
  7. Reach out and help others.
  8. Be a willing worker with a good attitude.
  9. Decide to say "No!" to wrong — lead in doing right.
  10. Seek to learn something every day in both knowledge and skill.
  11. Start saving money.
  12. Plan and prepare yourself for marriage and guiding a family.

When we do these things we live inside the blessing of the Lord!