Evolution Warning

Brian Kuehmichel
February 23, 2004

"There is a popular misconception that science is an impersonal, dispassionate, and thoroughly objective enterprise." Paul Davies, in Richard P. Feynman, Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics, Intro.

"Scientism is the claim that science provides the only legitimate explanation of our existence. It represents science as the most rational and intellectually defensible of all forms of human endeavour. This article reveals that there is no purely rational justification for rationality of science and examines the implications for the creation/evolution debate. Much of the article is devoted to an evaluation of the concept of retrovalidation, which is an attempt to provide a rational justification of rationality. It is concluded that rationality and science are contingent concepts and that philosophical rationalism and scientism therefore involve commitments that are outside the scope of rationality." Science and Rationality, Barry R. Harker, Journal of Creation, Vol. 25(3), p. 121, 2011.

"There is evidence which, prima facie, falsifies the theory of evolution, but the explanatory value of the theory is so great and the alternatives to the theory so unthinkable, that the scientist holds on to the theory despite the apparent evidence against it [emphasis in original]." Charlesworth, M., Science, Non-Science and Pseudo-Science: Bacon, Popper, Lakatos, Kuhn, and Feyerabend on Defining Science, ABC Science Show Lectures, Deakin University Press, Burwood, Australia, pp.26-2

"Observational science can be a wonderful tool for human advancement and social progress but cannot provide for a reliable guide to human conduct. What is needed is an explanation of the universe that does not fall at the first hurdle and that is able to provide a basis for moral behaviour. On this basis, it is not unreasonable to prefer creation to evolution as an ultimate explanation of the universe." Science and Rationality, Barry R. Harker, Journal of Creation, Vol. 25(3), p. 127, 2011.

Evolution Warning

***** WARNING: Every school textbook needs these and additional warnings! *****

WARNING: The Miller-Urey experiment probably did not simulate the earth's early atmosphere, and it does not explain the origin of life.

WARNING: Darwin's universal tree of life is inconsistent with the fossil record of the Cambrian explosion and with recent molecular evidence.

WARNING: If homology is defined as similarity due to common ancestry, it cannot be used as evidence for common ancestry; its causes are unknown.

WARNING: These pictures make vertebrate embryos look more similar than they really are; in their earliest stages they are quite different. Ernst Haeckel's embryo pictures have been proved to be a fraud. Haeckel's Embryos: Images, Evolution, and Fraud, Nick Hopwood, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago 60637, 2015, ISBN: 13-978-0-226-04694-5 and How fudged embryo illustrations led to drawn-out lies

WARNING: These finches did not inspire Darwin with the idea of evolution, and the effects of natural selection on their beaks produced no long-term change.

WARNING: The supposed dinosaur ancestors of Archaeopteryx appeared long after it, and modern birds are probably not descended from it.

WARNING: Peppered moths do not rest on tree trunks in the wild; Kettlewell's experiments were flawed, and these photos were staged.

WARNING: Four-winged fruit flies must be artificially bred, and their extra wings are useless; these mutations are not raw materials for evolution.

WARNING: The subject of human origins is very controversial, and most claims rest on little evidence; drawings of "ancestors" are hypothetical.

WARNING: Evidence from fossil horses does not justify the claim that evolution was undirected, which is philosophical rather than empirical.

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