Ancient Bible Names with Their Current Names

A list of ancient biblical names of people groups and places,
territories or countries with their current names or regions.

Have you ever read the names of people groups or of territories or of places in the Bible and wanted to know where they were located, today?

There are many places mentioned in the Bible that we cannot find on a map, today. The names of these places have changed. Some still look or sound a little like their ancient names while others don't look or sound anything like the original names.

Below is an extensive list of people groups in the ancient middle east with their current names. During the last five thousand years many places have changed names. Connect the Ancient Bible names and territories to Modern names and territories. Courtesy of:

Following that is a list of ancient cities and where they are located.

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The Ancient Country or People The Current Name or Region Map
Abimael, Obal, Sheleph and Uzal Yemen link
Ammon, Moab and Edom Jordan link
Amor(ites) Eastern Israel link
Arabia Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and some of Iraq and Jordan link
Aram Syria link
Arkites Lebanon link
Ashkenaz Germany link
Asshur(ites) Northern Iraq link
Assyria Iraq link
Canaan(ites) Northern Israel and Southern Lebanon link
Caphtor(ites) Crete link
Cush Ethiopia and some of Sudan, Somalia and Yemen (and possibly more of northern Africa) link
Decapolis Northwestern Jordan and a small part of Israel link
Dedan, Ophir, Jobab and Sheba Saudi Arabia link
Girgashites Western Jordan link
Gomer Ukraine (some suggest Germany) link
Javan Greece link
Magog, Rus and Rosh Russia link
Midian Western Saudi Arabia and Southern Jordan link
Mizraim Egypt link
Philistia Palestine link or link2
Phoenicia Lebanon link or link2
Persia Iran and some of Iraq link or link2
Phut/Put (a bow) the third name in the list of the sons of Ham Ge 10:6; 1Ch 1:8 elsewhere applied to an African country or people. The few mentions of Phut in the Bible clearly indicate a country or people of Africa, and, it must be added, probably not far from Egypt. Isa 66:19; Jer 46:9; Eze 27:10; 30:5; 38:5; Na 3:9 Some identify it with Libya, in the northern part Africa near the Mediterranean Sea; others with Nubia, south of Egypt.) Libya and some of Egypt and North Africa link
Riphath Europe link
Scythia Southern Russia link
Sinites Chinese link
Togarmah Parts of Turkey, Turkomen, Turkestan and Armenia link
Tarshish Carthage (or possibly Great Britain) link
Tiras Italy link
Tubal Turkey (or possibly Tobolosk) link

The Ancient City The Current Location Map
Alexandria Southeastern Turkey (Coastal) link
Antioch Northwest Syria (Coastal) - present day "Hatay" link
Athens, Berea, Corinth, Philippi and Thessalonica Greece link
Babylon Iraq link
Cyrene Northwest Libya link
Damascus Syria link
Ephesus, Pergamum and Smyrna Western Turkey link
Elishah Sicily link
Haran and Padan-aram Eastern Syria link
Jebus Jerusalem link
Iconium and Lystra Central Turkey link
Kittim Cyprus link
Meshech Moscow link
Shechem Nablus link
Shinar Iraq - Ancient Babel and present day "Babylon" link
Sidon and Tyre Western Lebanon (Coastal) link
Smyrna Izmir link
Tarsus Eastern Turkey link or link2
Ur Southeastern Iraq link

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(This document may be freely copied in its entirety and used in your Bible studies.)